About me

I was one of three children, my parents weren’t well off but they gave me everything they could.  They wanted a better future for us than they had.  My father pushed me pretty hard to get educated.  In the end I completed my Commerce degree.

I had made a decision at a very young age I wanted more for myself and my family, I didn’t want to have to struggle.  I started reading finance books. I started investing at the age of 18.  My first investment was CBA shares, I remember buying them for around $8, look now where they are, around $80.

I guess you could say that financial planning was my destiny.  My education was to be an accountant however I found that too boring.  I started work in a trustee company where I started to learn about looking after people’s money.  I then spent time gaining further knowledge in the banking system before I was asked to become a partner of a larger financial planning firm owned by a large bank.

It was 8 years in this business that I came to a realisation, there has to be a better way.  In all discussions we had it became all about the profitability of the bank and became less about the client.  I tried to change the direction of this business to no avail.

I made the important decision that you, the consumer deserved better, the banking system is only there to sell you something whether it is right for you or not.  That’s just not good enough.


About Jigsaw Private Wealth

I founded Jigsaw Private Wealth to put the client interests first, we are not here to sell you a product although at times we will have to recommend a product. We are here, first to serve our clients and help them manage the complex financial system while protecting them from the financial pornography that is so rife in the media.

Here’s the thing, 80% of advisers in Australia are licenced through the big banks. It is essentially a front for the banks products.

It’s like going to a butcher, we know meat is important in our diet but they are only going to sell you meat, just like advisers licenced through the bank, they are going to sell you bank related products whether you need it or not.  Hightower in the US put this little video together which nails it. It’s called the butchers vs nutritionists. While a nutritionist will assess your individual measurements and then recommend an appropriate diet that will suit you.

We take the time to understand each individual clients needs prior to recommending the right course of action that will work for them.  We want them to have a balanced life, live for today while protecting their future lifestyle.

Specifically we see people that have everything financially they want, but their bored, they’ve got not excitement in life.  There’ve budgeted all their life, there’ve taken care of themselves but they are just bored.

I also some people coming to me that are travelling all around the world or spending everything, they are doing all these amazing things, they are taking care of themselves but they haven’t got any money.  In the end they are going to struggle, finally.

And, then I see people that have got the money, they have all the experiences, but you know what they get sick, they get burnt out.



What I’m all about is giving clients three things:

First thing as their planner is to give them income, capital and direction, which give you options, certainty & freedom.

I’m also there to help people enjoy the good things in life, like travel, family and personal development.  It’s gives you balance, wisdom, something to look forward too and optimism.

And the final bit in the puzzle (pardon the pun), is that a lot of advisers miss out on, is the well being. In other words make sure you’re in a space that you can mentally, physically enjoy life which gives you security, piece of mind, longevity and sense of belonging.

I love helping people lead a happy and fulling life, that’s what Jigsaw Private Wealth is all about.

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