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How Do You Know You’re On Track To Live
Your DREAM Retirement?

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    Is knowing where to start confusing?

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    Thinking about it worry you?

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    I don't want to give up my lifestyle.

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    Is knowing where to start confusing?

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    I just want to know I'll be ok.

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    How do I know I'm not being conned?

Most people thinking about this feel the same and have similar questions.

You're not alone.

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What will you achieve on this call?

Are you struggling to work out where to start or whether you’re on track to Live your DREAM Retirement?
If so, you'll get the answers to these questions and more on your call.


We'll take you through the exact discussion we have with our clients. These calls are designed to help you explore the possibilities.


We'll help you cut through the noise and help create your retirement roadmap. You'll know what you need to have to live your DREAM Retirement. We'll help you figure out the numbers even if you have no idea what you want.


You will know how you are positioned. When you can retire with confidence and we'll even provide easy to implement strategies to optimise your position.

Imagine having all the information to make the right decisions that benefit your unique circumstances. That will help you experience a little less stress, comfortable in the fact you can still enjoy life now and know what you'll need to be ok in retirement. You'll be able to enjoy everything you wanted too. What would that be worth to you?

Bonus #1

We’ll give you access to our interactive investment risk tool. You'll know what amount of risk you are comfortable with when it comes to your investments. It's all backed by science. No second guessing your investment strategy again.

Bonus #2

Not only will we help you get 80% of the work done when it comes to your retirement plan. We'll stress test it for you. We'll run your numbers through different market scenarios. You'll know what's possible based on certain investment scenarios. Don't take any more risk than you need too ever again.

We’ll provide this all in a short report.

You’ll know exactly where you stand. Information to make more informed decisions on your retirement plan.
What would that be worth to you?
How much time would that save you from filtering the through the noise?
Want to be next retirement success story?

If you feel like we’ve wasted your time.

We are so confident you will gain so much value from these calls, that if you feel that we have wasted your time, just let us know and we'll donate a $100 to your favourite charity.

Here’s Why.

Most are confused about where to start and what to do.
The reason, the financial services industry is one big confusing machine. It does'nt have to be that hard.
When you receive your personalised report, you'll know exactly what's required and you'll have the information to put you in
control of when you finally give up your day job.

Here’s what our clients have to say about us

“Glenn’s regular reviews and acting as our financial scanning board of our plan has achieved our goal and more importantly by a set time frame. It's given us confidence and peace of mind in the future plan."


Retired Mid 40’s

“Glenn was able to explain things in a clear way. Through Glenn's knowledge and experience, I feel confident the advice given was right for my needs."



“We retired nearly 4yrs ago & life is great. Our current life is still mostly due to the excellent advice we received from Glenn."



“With previous advisers, we always needed to do the hard work to stay on top of things and make sure our super, insurance and investments were set up properly and working well for us. With Glenn, we have had this pressure taken off and never worried about whether we are in good hands."


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    Why are we giving this away for free?

Great question. At Jigsaw Private Wealth we are specialists in helping people live a great life now while not sacrificing tomorrow. We have 20yrs experience in retirement planning.

The industry has been known for product selling, conflicted advice, advice not in the best interests of clients to name a few. We are all about challenging the status quo.

We believe the approach to planning someone’s retirement needs to be different from what was done for your parents. We are living longer, we are working longer, we are more active in retirement and these factors alone require a more dynamic approach.

With all the confusion in the media, we want to help more people get the fundamentals right, avoid the common mistakes and uncomplicate your finances.

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    Aren’t you doing to this get clients?

Sure, we will get clients from these calls. But, here’s the thing, we don’t just take anyone on as a client. There needs to be an extremely good fit and to be honest, we’ll both know that from our call. We only invite people into our community if we think there is a good fit. For others, they walk away with a template to implement their own strategy.

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    Is this going to be a waste of my time and just sold something?

Yes, I know what you are thinking. It’s going to be one big sales pitch and you are just going to try and sell me something?
The focus of these calls are 100% on helping you gain clarity about what you want when it comes to your retirement, how you are currently positioned and what opportunities you have available to make your retirement a reality.
If you believe that after this call, receiving your short report and completing the Investment Risk Profile I’ve wasted your time, feel free to let me know and I’ll donate $100 to your favourite charity, no questions asked.

In your free session you will get


A clear picture of your
retirement goals.


An outline of
suggested strategies


Guidance on optimising your
financial strategies


Clarity on the risk you are
comfortable taking with your investments